Pay Check+

Project Description:

Brown University contracted with ADP to electronically receive files from the current Brown University HR/Payroll system and provide the following services:

  1. Payroll Check/Direct Deposit Advice printing
  2. Employee Self-Service:
    • Employee Pay Statements - Accessible On-Line via Web
    • Employee W-2 Forms - Accessible On-Line via Web (Beginning January 2011)
  3. Automated Payroll Tax Deposits
  4. Disaster Recovery Back-Up

Payroll checks and advices are returned to the Payroll Office for distribution on campus.  Employees are able to view pay statements on-line through ADP.  All tax payments are sent directly from ADP to the respective tax jurisdictions.  Employee W-2 forms will be available for on-line review, duplicate printing, and automatically downloading to select tax software beginning in January 2011.

Project Objectives:

This project creates efficiencies in operations for our Payroll, HR, and CIS departments, as well as enhanced customer service for all University employees.  As an added benefit, it also provides an additional backup for disaster recovery in the event of a software or hardware failure of our aging, legacy HR/Payroll system. 

Project Governance:

  • Project Owners - Doreen Burgers and Don Schanck
  • Project Manager - Roberta Gordon

Timeline & Milestones:

September 2009 to January 2011 (on-line w-2's for 2010 tax year)


Project Feedback:

Please provide us with your feedback regarding this project or the EPIC Program.