What Brown Is Doing

Over the past several months, internal review committees such as the Organizational Review Committee and the Vacancy Review Committee were formed to review both new or replacement hiring as well as current structures within administrative departments for sustainable growth and alignment workforce planning to the overall University mission.

The work of the Organizational Review Committee (ORC) began in Fall, 2009 with recommendations sent to the President and ultimately to the Corporation in Winter, 2010. Approved recommendations are included in the Organizational Review Committee Executive Report, the majority of which were implemented in Summer 2010. However ongoing implementation plans will span several months for some recommendations particularly where new extensive structural modifications were recommended. Ongoing reviews of the implemented recommendations will take place throughout the next several months.

The Vacancy Review Committee (VRC) which began in Fall, 2008 governed the hiring of all hiring throughout the University and continued through Summer, 2010. Process changes to the VRC will be updated in September 2010.