The Organizational Review Committee (ORC) consists of teams of faculty, staff and students who are charged with:

  • Evaluating current organizational structures and functions
  • Developing options for improved efficiency
  • Soliciting input from the community
  • Preparing recommendations for further consideration by the ORC
  • Consolidating the recommendations of the teams to present to the president, provost, and cabinet, as well as the URC.

The final decisions with regard to the FY11 budget will be presented by the president to the Corporation in February 2010. In the meantime, the ORC is gathering data on our administrative functions and workforce that will be used in the fall to support the review process. These data include Brown-specific information as well as benchmarking data from other colleges and universities.  Members of the ORC plan to hold several focus groups this summer to identify burdensome administrative processes and procedures that could be eliminated or streamlined through redesign or automation.