ORC Membership

Russell Carey, Senior Vice President for Corporation Affairs and Governance

Karen Davis, Vice President for Human Resources       

Nancy Fjeldheim, Department Manager, Geological Sciences   

Elizabeth Huidekoper, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

Linda Laliberte-Cote, Assistant Dean for Public Health   

Diane Lipscombe, Professor of Neuroscience   

Dietrich Neuman, Professor of History of Art and Architecture

James Patti, Director of Strategic Planning and Analysis, Biology and Medicine

Robert Pelcovits, Professor of Physics

Sarah Rutherford, Undergraduate Student

Richard Spies, Executive Vice President for Planning

Scott Thacher, Director of Information Technology

Vincent Tompkins, Deputy Provost

Valerie Petit Wilson, Associate Provost and Director of Inst.Diversity

Jason Zysk, Graduate Student