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Ike Achebe

Visiting Scholar and Director, Igbo Archival Dictionary

Ike Achebe (Ph.D., History, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 2001) is Visiting Scholar and Director of the Igbo Archival Dictionary Project.  Prior to coming to Brown, Dr. Achebe was Associate Professor of History and Director of the Igbo Language Project at Bard College. In 2004, Dr. Achebe was appointed Senior Lecturer in the Department of History and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria. He was Smuts Fellow in Commonwealth Studies in the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge in 2006-2007 and Fellow in Africa Programs at the International Institute of Liberal Education (IILE) at Bard College in 2007. Dr Achebe holds an M.Phil. and Ph.D. in History from the University of Cambridge, where he wrote his dissertation on the religious and political history of the Igbo from the 18th century to 1930.

The Igbo Archival Dictionary Project is an international research effort that brings together scholars from across disciplines, nations, and institutions in undertaking the task of collecting data on the various dialects of Igbo language.  The project has created a novel machine language application for the translation of these dialects into English and has created a rich archive for scholars across disciplines to create new modes of inquiry into the complexities of Igbo art, culture, history, philosophy, politics, and society.  The project serves is a model of international collaboration that is broadly interdisciplinary in creating new sites of conversations for scholars in the arts, humanities, and social and physical sciences. 

The project has generated a number of research presentations, two multi-authored monographs, Igbo Archival Dictionary (2008) and A Composite Synchronic Alphabet of Igbo Dialects (2010), and a critical book chapter, “Towards a Comprehensive, Machine-Readable Dialectal Dictionary of Igbo” (2010).