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Michael Carey Ruo

Academic Department Manager and
Graduate Program Administrator

Michael Carey Ruo brings over 30 years experience in finance management enhanced with expertise in the areas of administration, information technology, payroll & benefits, human resources, asset management, policy and procedure development, grant management and others. He has a reputation for analyzing and streamlining processes, implementing new procedures which facilitate the goals of the organization and for having a keen eye to detail. He has worked in both the for- and non-profit realms at the senior management level.

For fun, Michael enjoys gardening and landscaping, designing his home's interior, doing NY Times and Boston Globe crossword puzzles (in ink!), cycling, swimming and cooking. He spoils his two cats.

He is also a professional musician who performs at weddings, church services, social gatherings and other occasions. He teaches African-American singing and rhythms now and then. In addition to his 3-octave voice instrument, he plays guitar and a variety of percussion instruments including the congas and is a tintinnabulist (rings in a handbell choir.)