Diversity and Outreach

Victoria Heimer-McGinn, along with Ines Tomas Pereira and Jeffrey Mayse are involved in a small Rhode Island based non-profit called Cure Alliance for Mental Illness. The big project this year is to organize Rhode Island's first official Brain Awareness week in March 2016, with the support of the Dana Foundation. The local community (including Brown Institute for Brain Science (BIBS)) has been reached out to. 

Professor Steven Sloman will be teaching the first-year graduate students a workshop on grant and fellowship writing. Post-doctorals are welcome as well. The workshop runs on Wednesdays from 2:30PM to 4:00PM for 4 weeks. Start date is TBA.

Follow that, a workshop on research ethics, human subjects and animal ethics, will be taught for 1 session per week for 2 weeks.

During the spring, there will be a workshop on professional writing which will be 2 sessions, and a workshop on professional presentations in addition to short FYP presentations, which will be 3 sessions. 

Professor Joo-Hyun Song participaes in Sci-Toon production at Brown University for public science education. She is also a mentor for 10 week summer research programs for under-represented undergraduates hosted by BP-ENDURE and Leader Alliance Summer Research-Early Identification Program.

Professor Rebecca Burwell brings in one student every summer from an historically black college or university. There is an Outreach page on my lab website. This is the link: