Research Staff Directory

Name & Title Contact Information Lab
Mohamad Mowafak Allaham
Project Manager Social Cognitive Science Research Center
Youssef Barhomi
Research Assistant
Metcalf 156
Serre Lab
Brittany Ciullo
Research Assistant
Metcalf 321
(401) 863-1544
The Badre Lab
Kelly Gunther
Lab Manager/Research Assistant
Metcalf 155
(401) 863-7668
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Pankaj Kumar Gupta
Research Assistant
Xiaxi Li
Research Assistant
Metcalf 015
(401) 863-6063
Serre Lab
Sahil Luthra
Research Assistant The Brown Speech Lab
Stuti Magar
Research Laboratory Manager Social Cognitive Science Research Center
Andrea Mueller
Research Laboratory Manager
(401) 863-6871
Lab of Neural Computation & Cognition
Akiko Norton
Research Assistant
Devon Poeta
Research Assistant
Hunter 367
(401) 863-9209
Burwell Lab
Lori Rolfe
Senior Research Technician
Metcalf 151
(401) 863-2608
(401) 863-2377 (Lab)
Infant Research Lab