Research Staff Directory

Name & Title Contact Information Lab
Mohamad Mowafak Allaham
Project Manager Social Cognitive Science Research Center
Youssef Barhomi
Research Assistant
Metcalf 156
Serre Lab
Brittany Ciullo
Research Assistant
Metcalf 321
(401) 863-1544
The Badre Lab
Kelly Gunther
Lab Manager/Research Assistant
Metcalf 155
(401) 863-7668
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Pankaj Kumar Gupta
Research Assistant
Julie Helmers
Laboratory Manager
Metcalf 315
(401) 863-6871
Lab of Neural Computation & Cognition
Xiaxi Li
Research Assistant
Metcalf 015
(401) 863-6063
Serre Lab
Sahil Luthra
Research Assistant The Brown Speech Lab
Stuti Magar
Research Laboratory Manager Social Cognitive Science Research Center
Akiko Norton
Research Assistant
Devon Poeta
Research Assistant
Hunter 367
(401) 863-9209
Burwell Lab
Lori Rolfe
Senior Research Technician
Metcalf 151
(401) 863-2608
(401) 863-2377 (Lab)
Infant Research Lab