St├ęphane Bonneaud

Postdoctoral Research Associate
(401) 863-1371
Office Location: 
Metcalf 244
Research Focus: 
Multi-agent simulation of the VENLab locomotion model

I have a master in Artificial Intelligence (Paris 6) and a master in Cognitive Sciences (Paris 11/Orsay). I did my PhD in the Computer Science Laboratory for Complex Systems (LISyC/CERV, UBO, France) on the multi-agent modeling and simulation of complex systems.

I am working specifically on:

  • implementing a multi-agent simulation platform for the VENLab.
  • scaling up the locomotion model to account for how people interact together when moving in small groups.
  • modeling action selection for scenarios where interactions and behaviors are rich enough to require goal and behavioral changes (e.g. people walking in small groups).