Psychology Concentration

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Psychology Concentration Advising Site
Sc.B. Concentration & Sc.B. Transfer Credit Advisor:
 Prof. Dima Amso
A.B. Concentration & A.B. Transfer Credit Advisor: Prof. Elena Festa
A.B. Concentration & A.B. Transfer Credit Advisor: Prof. Leslie Welch
Pre-Clinical Advisor: Prof. Brian Hayden

The Psychology Concentration

For students who wish to concentrate in Psychology, the Department offers both A.B. and Sc.B. programs. Concentrators take advantage of a wide range of course options, including courses in the major sub-disciplines of psychology (perception and cognition; personality, social, and developmental; and comparative/physiology psychology), quantitative methods, laboratory techniques, and senior seminars on specialized topics. One of the hallmarks of the undergraduate program in Psychology at Brown is close collaboration between undergraduates and faculty members. Qualified undergraduates may work as teaching assistants in several courses. Students also have the opportunity to conduct independent research under the supervision of one of the faculty members in the department. Many concentrators choose to enter the Honors program, in which students work on a research project with a professor on a one-to-one basis for a full year. Honors students collaborate with their faculty advisor in all stages of the research process, from designing an experiment, to collecting and analyzing data, to writing a thesis, and giving an oral presentation on the research project.

For a complete description of the AB and ScB Concentrations in Psychology, please visit the dedicated Psychology concentration advising site.


Please refer to the CLPS Honors Progam page for detailed information about the Psychology Honors program.