Resources for Concentrators

Concentration Advisors

Cognitive Neuroscience:
Prof. William Heindel

Cognitive Science:
Prof. Thomas Serre

Interim for Fall 2016: Prof. Uriel Cohen Priva

A.B Students: Prof. Leslie Welch (and October 2016-May 2017: Prof. Elena Festa)
Sc.B. Students: Prof. Joo-Hyun Song
Pre-Clinical Advisor: Prof. Brian Hayden

Open Advising Hours

Many CLPS faculty hold one hour of office hours per week dedicated to advising students on professional development and non course-related academic matters. The program will start in November 2016.

Other Forms & Reference

Guides to cross-referencing course numbers from current CLPS numbering to deprecated PSYC/COGS/LING numbering:

Departmental policy on applying AP and transfer credits