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Organization:  Rutgers University New Brunswick


Panel Summary #1

Proposal Number: 0835592

Panel Summary:
Panel Summary

Objectives of the Proposed Work:
This proposal describes a transformative approach to understanding cellular communication in tissues or cellular aggregates. Although a wide range of studies have been performed to obtain an understanding on single cell behavior, studies on multicellular systems are not common. The PIs propose using a communications theory approach to cell-cell communication.

Intellectual Merit:
The objectives outlined in the proposal have the potential to revolutionize the current understanding on cell-cell interactions and communications. If the goals are successfully realized, the results will have the potential to significantly transform multiple areas in biology such as tissue engineering, tissue morphogenesis, and developmental biology. The proposal is extremely well-written with a clear exposition and evolution of ideas. There was some concern regarding the use of concepts such as memory-less processes and energy constraints to explain complex cellular interactions. Other concerns were the lack of specifics on their theoretical studies as well the lack of an experimental cell biologist on the team. Despite these concerns, there was considerable agreement that this proposal contains paradigm-shifting concepts.

Broader Impact:
The knowledge that will be gained from the goals outlined in the proposal has the potential to transform experimental research in multiple areas of biology.

CDI Responsiveness:
Highly responsive to CDI review criteria. The research objectives can produce paradigm-shifting results that will impact the field of biology.

Panel Ranking: Highly competitive

This summary was read by/to the panel, and the panel concurred that the summary accurately reflects the panel discussion.

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