1st Prize:  $75
2nd Prize: $50
3rd Prize: $25

Deadline:  May 19, 2004  (CLOSED)

I'm looking for a cartoon which illustrates the basic principle behind inscribed mass channels as might be used by a civilization seeking contact with ours. What I had in mind was a "little green person" (LGP) hurling a book/pebble, whatever at an astronomer looking for signs of life (using a telescope of some sort).  But you can let your imagination run wild, of course.

I've started a small competition for Rutgers students and faculty.   If you're not at Rutgers, but you're interested in submitting a favorite cartoon rendition, you can post it to me at and I'll gladly include it on a web page devoted to "cartoons from out there."   I'll automatically link your email address with pictures you send (unless you tell me not to)

The Entries:

Thanks to all for your creative efforts!  

Caroline Angelo: 1   2   3  4   5
A. Anonymous:  1
Jonathan Backhaus: 1
Dick Frenkiel: 1
Xiangpeng Jing: 1  2
Zhen Li:  1
Miro Samwil:  1   2   3  4   5

Honorable Mention:

Akshay Navle: (cartoon ideas, but no pix)