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  Wireless Communications Systems (332:421)
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M&Th 10:20-11:40,  SEC-204

INSTRUCTOR: Christopher Rose can be reached at  Office hours are 1 hour after class in CoRE 508 (or sometimes EE-102) Email questions preferable if possible.

TEXT:  Digital Communications, 5th Ed. by Proakis & Salehi (time to grow up, my PCS cygnets :) )


ABSENCES: If you expect to miss two or more classes or any examination, please use the University Absence Reporting Website to indicate the date and reason for your absence. An email will be automatically sent to me. Additionally, exam absences must be cleared with the dean's office.

HOMEWORK: Homework will be assigned periodically. Except for takehome exams, homework will not be graded. You've already heard my diatribe about doing homework during PCS, so no need for it here.

MISCELLANEOUS:  You can post to the mailing list using   Listarchive.

TOPICAL LIST (might be juggled)
  1. Introduction
  2. Signal Space and Optimum receivers  (review)
  3. Basic Digital Modulation (review)
  4. Modulation Menagerie and Probability of error
  5. Multiple Access
  6. CDMA
  7. Cellular Systems Concepts
  8. Maxwell's Equations (and signal space), fundamental solutions, signal space approach
  9. Propagation (Fading models)
  10. Phased Arrays, Antenna Aperture, Fourier Optics
  11. MIMO
  12. Information Theory Concepts
  13. Shannon Capacity
  14. Modern topic potpourri
  15. Capstone project proposal discussions (perhaps 2 class periods)

Miscellaneous Course Stuff

  1. Quizlette 1 2010
  2. Quizlette 2 2010
  3. Quiz I 2010
  4. Quiz I 2010 Solution
  5. Takehome Exam 2010
    1. Test CDMA stream (256 chip codewords)
    2. Message CDMA stream (256 chip codewords)
    3. Grades on Record so far for q1 q2 QI Takehome: CDMA stream (256 chip codewords)
  6. Takehome Exam 2009

  7. Phased arrays for 2009
  8. Equalization
  9. CDMA Notes
  10. Propagation Notes (courtesy of Narayan Mandayam)
  11. Fading Notes (courtesy of Narayan Mandayam)

  12. Takehome Exam 2008
  13. See course newsgroup for other assignments
  14. Div, Grad and Curl in spherical coordinates
  15. Fall 2009 Initial Ideas
  16. Fall 2009 Cool catalog items 1
  17. Fall 2009 Cool catalog items 2
  18. Fall 2008 Project Proposals


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If you have questions, comments or other suggestions please email your comments to

If you have questions, comments or other suggestions please email your comments to