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Graduate Level Courses

For a complete description of the courses below, please refer to BANNER "Class Schedule" for the most up-to-date Geological Sciences listing.

Graduate Level Courses ‘13-'14:
II GEOL 2350 Quarternary Climatology Seminar
I GEOL 2430 Advanced Igneous Petrology
II GEOL 25200Numerical Geodynamics
I GEOL 2730 Isotope Geochemistry
I GEOL 2840 Asteroids and Meterorites
II GEOL 2860 Planetary Volcanology
II GEOL 2870 Planetary Evolution: The Galilean Satellites
I GEOL 2910W Special Topics: Ophiolites
I GEOL 2920D Special Topics: Introduction to Geochemical Modeling
I GEOL 2920E Special Topics: Introduction to Organic Geochemistry
II GEOL 2920K Special Topics: Hydrological Cycle on Mars
II GEOL 2920N Special Topics: Problems in Antarctic Dry Valley Geoscience
II GEOL 2920V Special Topics: Terrestrial Nitrogen and Carbon Cycling
I GEOL 2910 Special Topics
II GEOL 2920 Special Topics
I & II GEOL 2980 Graduate Research in Geological Sciences
I & II GEOL 2990 Thesis Preparation


(Updated 8/27/13)