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Graduate Program and Research

The graduate program in the Department of Geological Sciences at Brown is rated among the top programs in the nation and the world.

Prof. Jack Mustard (right) Bethany
Ehlmann, Ph.D. '10look at readings from spectroscopic
analyses on rocks collected in Iceland during
summer '08. Credit: Richard C. Lewis

Our faculty members, nationally and internationally acknowledged leaders in their fields, engage in externally supported research which is defining the direction of inquiry.

The Department’s graduate program has traditionally focused on the Ph.D. degree and typically has 50 to 60 students in residence.

Full tuition and health insurance payments with competitive monthly stipends to cover living expenses are provided for all admitted Ph.D. students. A few highly selective fellowships are also available for Ph.D. applicants with exceptional academic records. The on-line application form is due January 15th, and is available on-line via the Graduate School website.

Once enrolled, all graduate students are engaged in original research and present their findings at national and international meetings. In addition to course work and research, teaching experience is regarded as a fundamental part of graduate training. All Ph.D. candidates serve as Teaching Assistants for at least one semester, but most serve several semesters. The Department and its students actively participate in activities of the Sheridan Center for the Advancement of College Teaching, and interested graduate students are encouraged to teach science to public school students in Providence through Brown's NSF/GK-12 fellowship grant, Rhode Island/NASA Space Grant funding, and volunteerism.

The graduates of the Ph.D. program have gone on to leadership positions in private companies, government agencies and at top-level universities.