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Graduate Student Advisors

Professor Marc Parmentier and Lisa Sheehan manage the Graduate Admissions and Awards process for the Geological Science Department. Both Marc and Lisa work closely with the Graduate School (where every application is initially processed) to ensure information is disseminated to department faculty, and decisions are made in a timely manner. Once graduate students are selected, the decisions are sent back to the Graduate School, where all final correspondence is processed.

Also acting as the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Marc Parmentier is the point person for all graduate students once they begin their studies with Geological Sciences. Marc presents an orientation session for all incoming grad students, approves or co-approves all paperwork involved with course registration, changes, drops/adds, preliminary and thesis defense meetings, and provides general council and advise above and beyond each students' regular research advisor.

Lisa Sheehan
Administrative Assistant/Finance

Admissions & Awards
401-863-3339 / GeoChemistry, Room 101
E. Marc Parmentier
Professor/Director of Grad. Studies
and Admissions & Awards
401-863-1700 / GeoChemistry, Room 162