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The GeoDUG is a group of Brown University undergraduates interested in the Geological Sciences with a desire to support an undergraduate community within our department and to promote the visibility of our department to the Brown community at large.

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Photo: Undergrad concentrators enjoying the GeoDUG Ice Cream Social, October 2013

GeoDUG Statement of Purpose:
We recognize that an academic department’s full educational potential can be realized only when its students are actively engaged in their learning; to this end, the Geological Sciences DUG will organize and execute events that serve both to familiarize undergraduates involved in our department with unique opportunities available to them and to maintain a sense of departmental community and interdependence.

During the academic year, we host a series of events to provide intra-departmental peer advising on courses, concentrations, study abroad options, and summer opportunities. We also look to bring together the undergraduates concentrating in our four geological sciences concentrations – Geo, Geo-Bio, Geo-Chem, and Geo-Phys-Math – for social events and community activities.

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