Cynthia García Coll, Ph.D.

Professor of Education, Psychology and Pediatrics

Director, Center for the Study of Human Development

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Phone: 401-863-3147
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Other Areas of Interest:

Presently, my scholarship is largely focused on the role of race and ethnicity on children's development. It is my position that much of our prevalent theoretical and empirical work falls short in delineating the mechanisms by which contextual forces influence families and children of color. Specifically, I have been working on the role of culture, acculturation, and different sources of oppression (i.e., poverty, racism, and discrimination) in shaping human development.

Recent Publications:

  1. García Coll, C.T., Buccio-Notaro, P., Molla, B., & Surrey, J.L. (1998). Incarcerated mothers: crimes and punishments. In C.T. García Coll, J.L. Surrey, & K. Weingarten (Eds.) Mothering against the odds: Diverse voices of contemporary mothers. NY: Guilford Press.
  2. García Coll, C.T., Brooks, M.G., Buckner, J.C., Weinreb, L.F., & Bassuk, E.L. (1998). The developmental status and adaptive functioning of homeless and low-income housed infants and toddlers. American Journal of Public Health 88(9): 1-4.
  3. García Coll, C.T. & Magnuson, K. (in press). Cultural influences on child development: Are we ready for a paradigm shift? In C. Nelson & A. Masten (ed.) Children of color: Research, health and policy issues. NY: Garland.
  4. García Coll, C.T. & Magnuson, K. (in press). Cultural differences as sources of developmental vulnerabilities and resources: A view from developmental research. In S.J. Meisels & J.P. Shonkoff (Eds.) Handbook of Early Childhood Intervention.

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