Jin Li, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Education and Human Development, Brown University

Campus Address: Box 1938
E-mail: Jin_Li@brown.edu

Phone: 401-863-9326
Fax: 401-863-1276

Areas of Expertise:

Other Areas of Interest:

Recent Publications:

  1. Li, J. (in press). The core of Confucian learning. American Psychologist.
  2. Li, J. (in press). US and Chinese cultural beliefs about learning. Journal of Educational Psychology.
  3. Li, J & Wang, Q. (in press). Perceptions of achievement and achieving peers in US and Chinese kindergartners. Social Development.
  4. Li, J., Wang, L.-Q, & Fischer, K. W. (in press). The organization of Chinese shame concepts. Cognition and Emotion.
  5. Li, J. (2002). A cultural model of learning: Chinese "heart and mind for wanting to Learn."; Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 33(3), 248-269.
  6. Li, Jin. (2001). Chinese conceptualization of learning. Ethos, 29, 111-137.

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