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Our Mission

In fulfilling its mission to the University and to the field of humanities, the Cogut Center:

Supports and maintains Brown's stellar reputation in the humanities.

Encourages and supports interdisciplinary and cross-cultural work and groundbreaking intra-disciplinary work in the humanities.

Sustains and nurtures international perspectives at Brown in an era of increasing globalization: exploring the relations between the local and the global; investigating the fate of the concept of the nation and of nationalism; and pursuing issues of cultural translation..

Explores the public role of the humanities, the various crises it has witnessed in the past decade, and the pressures confronting the humanities in the current economic and political climate.

Interrogates the relation between various disciplines in the humanities and the growth of technologies of information and visualization: questions of the archive (what a culture conserves and how it is conserved); the viability and role of the humanities in an era of increasing prestige of the sciences; the impact of digitization and digital media.

Nurtures relations between the humanities and the studio and performing arts.

Reinvigorates the concept of “critique” and the role of critical theory in the disciplines of the humanities.

Explores the re-emergence of pressing issues of ethics and aesthetics in the humanities.