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A Photographic Study of Pembroke Hall

In July 2009 we asked noted Brown photographer, John Abromowski to capture the essence of our venerable, yet wonderfully renovated, Pembroke Hall. His photographic study ran to hundreds of photos, many of which we used in our 2008-09 Annual Report and some of which we share here.

Pembroke Hall, like most Victorian buildings, is home to many decorative architectural frills and furbelows. Some, as in a Zen garden, you would only notice from a particular narrow vantage point. The copper gutters and downspouts are a good example. The downspouts are embossed with a beautifully stylized "BU-1896" and the gutters are suspended by whimsical twists of copper that you can only see from the handicap stall of the women's room on the top floor! John's photos of the face of the long-case clock on the top floor are a visual tribute to Victorian clockmaker Walter H. Durfee's work, from one artist to another.

For these, and so many other interesting perspectives on Pembroke Hall, we thank John for his efforts.