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Fellows' Seminars 2013-14

Cogut Center Fellows meet on a regular basis to discuss their works-in-progress. Pre-circulated papers are distributed a week ahead of time and then discussed at the seminar.

In 2013-14, Fellows' Seminars, open to Cogut Center Fellows and invited guests only, are held in Pembroke Hall 202.

Spring 2014

January 28
"Reconsidering Hannah Arendt"
with Ariella Azoulay (Comparative Literature/Modern Culture and Media), Ted Bogosian (Cogut Center for the Humanities), Bonnie Honig (Modern Culture and Media/Political Science), Adi Ophir (Cogut Center for the Humanities and Middle East Studies), Michael Steinberg (Cogut Center for the Humanities), and screenwriter Pamela Katz ("Hannah Arendt")

February 4
"The Problem with Wagner"
Michael P. Steinberg
Cogut Center for the Humanities

February 11
"Global Health Recipients or Drug Test Subjects? Scenes from an Experimental Nexus"
Amy Moran-Thomas
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities
Anthropology/Population Studies

February 18
Long weekend - no seminar

February 25
"Reproducing Catholicism in a Capitalist Age"
Elayne Oliphant
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities
Religious Studies

March 4
"The First Lady Phenomenon"
Mayssun Succarie
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities
Middle East Studies

March 11
"Writing 3.11 into History"
Kerry Smith
Faculty Fellow

March 18
"Reconciliation Without Justice: Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country"
Martha Nussbaum
Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics
University of Chicago

March 25
Spring break

April 1
"Friends and Family"
Saul Olyan
Faculty Fellow
Judaic Studies

April 8
"Augustine and Hugh of St. Victor on Scientia"
Rafael Najera
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities

April 15
"When was "the First Emancipation"?: Gradual Abolition, Legal Geography, and Racial Slavery's Afterlife in the Nineteenth-Century U.S. North"
Patricia Lott
Ruth J. Simmons Postdoctoral Fellow in Slavery and Justice
Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice

April 22
"Criseyde as Hostage and Chaucer as Diplomat: A Renegotiation of Terms"
John Moreau
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Comparative Literature/French Studies

April 29
"Demonization - A Journey, in Five Parts, to the Other Side"
Nathaniel Berman
Faculty Member
Cogut Center for the Humanities

May 6
Undergraduate Fellows Presentations
"Bureaucracy After Liberalization: The Delhi Development Authority and the World-Class City"
David Adler '14, Development Studies/Economics

"Competitive Literature: Sino-American Cultural Relations 1980-2000"
David Borgonjon '14, English

"Disaster Mitigation in Seismic Developing Countries: Policy-Design and Risk Measurement in Rural Cities"
Valeria Fantozzi '14, Development Studies/ Architectural Studies

"The Dominican Second Generation Disaporic Experience: History, Community and Connection"
Saudi Garcia '14, Anthropology