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Fellows' Seminars 2008-09

Cogut Center Fellows meet on a regular basis to discuss their works-in-progress. Pre-circulated papers are distributed a week ahead of time and then discussed at the seminar.

In 2008-09, Fellows' Seminars are open to Cogut Center Fellows and invited guests only.

All 2009 Fellows' Seminars will be held in Pembroke Hall 202.

Spring 2009

Tuesday, February 3
"Painting Modern Life, or the Burden of Journalism"
Kelley Kreitz
Graduate Fellow
Comparative Literature

Tuesday, February 10
"Ramiro de Maeztu's Primacy of Things"
Rachel Price
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Hispanic Studies

Tuesday, February 24
"Sudden Death and Urban Life: Cholera in Havana, 1833"
Adrián López Denis
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities
History/Latin American Studies

Tuesday, March 3
"Support Groups, Marriage, and the Management of Ambiguity among HIV-Positive Women in Northern Nigeria"
Kathryn Rhine
Graduate Fellow

Tuesday, March 10
"Accounting for Silence: Narration, Nation, and the Politics of Redress between China and Japan"
Yukiko Koga
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities
East Asian Studies

Tuesday, March 17
"Layamon's Brut (c. 1200) and the Vernacular Text: Widening the Context"
Elizabeth Bryan
Faculty Fellow

Tuesday, March 31
“Schumann and Agencies of Improvisation”
Dana Gooley
Faculty Fellow

Tuesday, April 7
"A sainct in shewe, a Devill in deede: Moral Panics and Anti-Puritanism in Seventeenth-Century England"
Timothy Harris
Faculty Fellow

Tuesday, April 14
"Photography of 'Old Istanbul' and Cosmopolitan Nostalgia'"
Ipek Tureli
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
History of Art and Architecture

Tuesday, April 21
"Future Perfect, Past Conditional: The Work of Memory and Mourning"
David Kyuman Kim
Visiting Professor in the Humanities
Cogut Center

Tuesday, April 28
"‘Real Men Go to the Bania’: Postwar Soviet Masculinities and the Bathhouse"
Ethan Pollock
Faculty Fellow

Tuesday, May 5
"The Rights of Spring"
David Kennedy
Vice President for International Affairs
Watson Institute
Special seminar as part of the "Music and Human Freedom" workshop with musicians from the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

Fall 2008

Tuesday, September 16
“Mieke Bal, Loving Yusuf: Conceptual Travels from Present to Past
Michael Steinberg
Cogut Center Director

Tuesday, September 23
“Nostalgia as Critique: Historical Exile and the Fate of Myth and Nation in Intizar Husain”
Syed Nauman Naqvi
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Comparative Literature

September 30
"Eisenstein's Marxism, Marxism's Eisenstein?  Aesthetics, Temporality and Historicity in Sergei Eisenstein's Later Theories of Cinema and Culture"
Philip Rosen
Faculty Fellow
Modern Culture and Media

October 7
“Islam is Large: Material Engagements and the Iconoclasm of Muslim Societies”
Ian Straughn
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow

October 14
“The Vita of Anna van Schriek: Gender, Print Culture and Teresian Spirituality in Seventeenth-Century Flanders”
Sarah Moran
Graduate Fellow
History of Art and Architecture

October 21
“Dialoguing Blackness: Digital Scholarship, Transnational Collaboration, and Vernacular Performance"
Meida McNeal
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities
Theatre, Speech and Dance

October 28
"The Lost Story of Watergate: The Teamsters, Nixon and the United Farm Workers in the Age of the Grape Boycott"
Matthew Garcia
Faculty Fellow
American Civilization

November 4
“Purity of Blood and Text: Constitutional Permanence and Historical Consciousness in Nineteenth-Century America"
Michael Vorenberg
Faculty Fellow

November 11
"Grammatology and Literary Modernity in Turkey"
Nergis Ertürk
Visiting Professor in the Humanities
Cogut Center

November 18
"Homosexual Tourism in Fascist Italy: Intercultural Gender Relations and Relationships "
Lorenzo Benadusi
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities
Italian Studies

November 25
"In a Ruined Land: Archaeology, Anthropology and Photography on a Colonial ‘Frontier’ "
Vazira Zamindar
Faculty Fellow

December 2
“Remapping Imperial Geographics and Reclaiming National Identities in Bulosan's America Is in the Heart and Galarza's Strangers in Our Fields
Sarah Wald
Graduate Fellow
American Civilization

December 9
"Between Race and Species: Evolutionary Discourse and the Whitening of the Human 'Race'"
Megan Glick
Visiting Professor in the Humanities
Cogut Center