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2009-10 Faculty Fellows

“My semester at the Cogut Center as a Faculty Fellow has been productive and intellectually refreshing.  I've benefited in particular from exposure to other disciplines and approaches to the humanities, new relationships with other members of the Brown community, and the opportunity to concentrate on my work in a more sustained manner than I would have if I had been teaching a full load. ”                            
—Ethan Pollock, History
                                                                Faculty Fellow, Spring 2009

Brown boasts outstanding faculty members whose work both challenges and redefines the boundaries of the humanities. Cogut Center Faculty Fellows pursue research and writing projects during semester-long fellowships at the Center and gather for Fellows' Seminars on a regular basis to discuss their work in progress. Faculty Fellows have the option of spending a sabbatical semester at the Cogut Center or teaching an upper-level seminar course based on their research project.

Fall Semester

Marcy Brink-Danan
Assistant Professor
Judaic Studies/Anthropology
Project Title: "Local News, Global Jews (or Vice-Versa?): A Comparative Ethnography of Jewish Journalism"

Hervé Vanel
Assistant Professor
History of Art and Architecture
Project Title: "The Aesthetics of Social Engineering: Muzak and the Arts in the 1960s"

Esther Whitfield
Assistant Professor
Comparative Literature
Project Title: "Diasporic History and Nationalist Revival"

Spring Semester

Omer Bartov
History/German Studies
Project Title: "Testimonies as Historical Documents: Interethnic Relations at a Time of Genocide"

Barrymore A. Bogues
Africana Studies
Project Title: "And What About the Human? The Literature and Politics of Freedom in Anti -Colonial Thought"

Thalia Field
Associate Professor
English/Literary Arts
Project Title: "Experimental Animals"

Gretchen Schultz
Associate Professor
French Studies
Project Title: “Les pères saphistes: Patrimonial Discourses of Lesbian Desire in France, 1850-1900"

Gretchen Schultzxxxxxxxxx Thalia Field
French Studies xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxEnglish/Literary Arts Program