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Visiting Professors in the Humanities

Academic year 2008-09 saw the inauguration of an exciting new program of Visiting Professors in the Humanities. The Cogut Center has selected four faculty members from other colleges or universities to come to Brown. Each Visiting Professor in the Humanities offered a Humanities (HMAN) course during their semester in residence, offering advanced undergraduates and graduate students new perspectives and opportunities for scholarly exploration. Three Visiting Professors came to campus in 2008-09; Denise Riley taught in the Fall of 2009-10.

2009 Fall Semester

Denise Riley

Current research work centers on the history of understandings of the inner voice and inner speech, and how they both enter into, and shape, conceptions of what's interior and what's outside. Drawing on material from recent neurology and philosophies of affectivity, Prof. Riley's latest project will encompass aspects from the neurophysiology of inner speech to philosophies of self presence, and the new neurophenomenology of self-awareness while still considering the traditional spectrum from hallucination to revelation and conscience.

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