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Visiting Professors in the Humanities

Academic year 2008-09 saw the inauguration of an exciting new program of Visiting Professors in the Humanities. The Cogut Center has selected four faculty members from other colleges or universities to come to Brown. Each Visiting Professor in the Humanities offered a Humanities (HMAN) course during their semester in residence, offering advanced undergraduates and graduate students new perspectives and opportunities for scholarly exploration.

2011 Spring Semester

Gertrud Koch

Gertrud Koch is Professor of Film Studies at the Freie Universität of Berlin, and has the distinction of supervising a research seminar there.  She has many publications in film and media, feminism, and contemporary art studies.  Among her books are ones on Kracauer and Marcuse, and she participates in important contemporary debates. She is also co-editor of Women and Film and the online film journal nachdemfilm.

While at the Cogut Center, Prof. Koch offered the HMAN course "Concepts of Space and Time in Media Discourse" and a public lecture "Off/On/In: Configurations of Voice, Body and Apparatus in Silent Film." Her Fellows' Seminar was entitled "Cinema's Mass."