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Related HMAN Courses in 2011-12


Fall 2011

HMAN 2970F                                   (Th 1:00 - 3:20pm) 

Nationalism, Colonialism, Religion, and International Law
Nathaniel Berman, Faculty Fellow

This seminar explores the internationalism of the past century in terms of its relationship to separatist nationalism, anti-colonialism, and religious mobilization. It takes as its point of departure the dramatic political, cultural, and intellectual transformations that followed in the wake of World War I. A guiding hypothesis of the seminar is that internationalism cannot be understood apart from its complex relationship to the “identity” broadly conceived – identity of local/transnational groups as well as the identity of internationalists themselves. Readings will be drawn from law, cultural studies, politics, and postcolonial theory. Enrollment limited to 20. Open to graduate students and advanced juniors/seniors by permission of the instructor.

Spring 2012

HMAN1970A                                M Hour (M 3:00 - 5:20pm)

Religion, Secularization and the International
Nathaniel Berman and Thomas Lewis, Faculty Fellows

For the past several decades (especially since 2001), internationalists have been increasingly preoccupied by the perceived challenge posed by “return of religion.” Religion is now often proclaimed to pose the single greatest challenge to construction of liberal legal/political order, and less often as the greatest hope for preservation/improvement of that order. We will explore genealogies of the three key terms at stake in this conundrum – “religion,” “secularization,” and “the international”, and to the ways these genealogies have been intertwined. We will start from the proposition that none of these terms refer to ahistorical or uncontroversial essences, but to theoretical/practical contestation/ reconfiguration.