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2013-15 Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities Mayssun Succarie and collaborator Stuart Tannock (Cardiff University) have had their book, Youth Rising? The Politics of Youth in the Global Economy, published by Routledge.

"A much needed critique of neo-liberal use of 'youth' to disguise class and nourish generational gaps. Dynamite in its implications." - Laura Nader, Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley


2014-16 Cogut Center Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows

Nicola Perugini
Italian/Middle East Studies

Vanessa Fabien
Africana/Environmental Studies

2014-15 Graduate Fellows

Fannie Bialek
Religious Studies

Karida Brown

Anja Jovic
Comparative Literature

Sara Matthiesen
American Studies

Yana Stainova

2014-15 Undergraduate Fellows

Leila Blatt
Africana Studies

Patricia Ekpo
Gender and Sexuality Studies/American Studies

Alexander Jusdanis

Bartosz Zerebecki
Post-Colonial Studies

Congratulations to these 2013-14
Cogut Center Undergraduate Fellows!

Elected to the Rhode Island Alpha Chapter
of Phi Beta Kappa
on April 21, 2014:

David Adler
David Borgonjon
Valeria Fantozzi



2014-15 Cogut Center
Faculty Fellows


Timothy Bewes

Mark Cladis
Religious Studies

David Estlund

Lynne Joyrich
Modern Culture and Media

Kiri Miller

Ralph Rodriguez
American Studies

Kenneth Sacks

Janine Sawada
Religious Studies

The Humanities Initiative
Background, Funding, Nominations

How it all works

Felicitations, Rama!

Rama Srinivasan, PhD student in the Department of Anthropology, has won a tuition fellowship from the Cogut Center to attend the School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University June-July 2014. Rama joins an international group of scholars who will participate in seminars led this year by Simon Critchley, Mark BN Hansen, Sianne Ngai, and Annelise Riles.

The tuition fellowship is offered each year to senior graduate students or junior faculty at Brown and selected participants are guaranteed a place in the prestigious and competitive SCT program.

President Christina Paxson
Makes the Case for the Humanities

"...we know in our bones that secular humanism
is one of the greatest sources of strength
we possess as a nation."

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