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Recent Doctoral Dissertations

The following is a list of dissertations that have been submitted since 2007. Electronic versions of many recent dissertations can be found in Brown University's Digital Repository.


Claudia Moser
Material Witnesses: The Altars of Republican Rome and Latium and the Memory of Sacrifice

Elizabeth Murphy
Roman Workplaces, Work Practice, and Working Lives: A Multi-Scalar Socio-Economic Study of Ceramic Production in the Eastern Mediterranean


Alex Knodell
Small World Networks and Mediterranean Dynamics in the Euboean Gulf: An Archaeology of Complexity in Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Greece

Thomas P. Leppard
The Logics of Island Life: The Archaeology of Movement, Distance, and Settlement in the Neolithic Aegean and Ceramic Age Lesser Antilles

Jason Urbanus
Settlement and Space in a Provincial Landscape: The Roman Conquest of Northwest Iberia and Its Effects on the Castros Culture


Lyra Monteiro
Racializing the Ancient World: Ancestry and Identity in the Early United States

Bradley Sekedat
Large Polities and Small Quarries: Local Resources and Imperial Governance in Roman Asia Minor

Carolyn Swan
In Flux: Glass, Technology, and the Glassmaking Industry of the Middle Byzantine and Early Islamic Eastern Mediterranean -- The Archaeology and Archaeometry of a High-Temperature Craft


Cecilia Feldman Weiss
Living Fluidly: The Uses and Meanings of Water in Asia Minor (2nd century BCE- 2nd century CE)


Sarah Dawson
Social Memory and Fifth Century Coinage

Kate Marino
Setting the Womb in Its Place: Toward a Contextual Archaeology of Graeco-Egyptian Uterine Amulets


Lisa Anderson
The Roman Military Community as Expressed in Its Burial Customs During the 1st-3rd Centuries CE

Christopher Tuttle
The Nabataean Coroplastic Arts: A New Approach for Studying Figurines, Plaques, Vessels, and Other Clay Objects


Crispin Corrado Goulet
A Study of Deity Assimilation in Sculptural Representations of Male Children from the Roman Imperial Era

Michael Zimmerman
The Hellenistic and Roman Pottery from the Village (Field I) at ‘Iraq al-Amir: A Typological Study