Additional Independent Concentration Tracks

Modern Culture and Media-German Track
Modern Culture and Media-Italian Track
Semiotics-French Track

In addition to MCM Track I and II the following tracks (MCM-German, MCM-Italian and Semiotics-French) and their respective requirements have been formally approved as Independent Concentration Tracks and require only sign off from the respective concentration advisor(s) in the department(s) associated *Note well: If the track is jointly offered it requires sign off from both departments. Once declarations have been approved by the advisor(s) the student needs to bring concentration forms to the representative in the Office of the Dean of the College for final approval and ultimately to the Office of the Registrar.

Modern Culture and Media – German Track
This track is offered jointly by the Department of German Studies and the Department of Modern Culture and Media. It offers interested students an opportunity to explore the phenomenon of "Germany" using the approaches of cultural theory. Students will take a number of required courses through which they learn the basic theories and approaches to issues of language and meaning, subjectivity and identity, ideology and consciousness, gender and sexuality, and theories of narrativity. Other courses offer the student an overview of the German textual traditions in literature, philosophy, music, film, and the fine arts. German language proficiency is expected of all participants in the program and may be gained by a variety of approaches available within the German Studies Department. Overseas study at Berlin's Humboldt University or in special cases at an equivalent institution is considered a normal part of this program. All students will be required to complete a final project.

Requirements in addition to Senior Thesis:

This track requires twelve courses.

1. Two courses from among: MCM0100, MCM0150, MCM0230, MCM0240, MCM0250, MCM0260, MCM1110.

2. GRMN0900

3. Two courses in German Studies at the 1000 level with topics relevant to the concentration focus area.

4. A senior thesis (GRMN1990 or MCM1990)

5. Six courses from among the following: Strongly recommended: HIST1370, COLT1210; also recommended: HIAA0850, GRMN1440, GRMN1450, MCM1200, MCM1500, PHIL1660.

Students are encouraged to examine the Course Offerings carefully in consultation with their advisors to select courses that augment their concentration and, in particular, inform their final projects. In addition, students will normally complete two to four of those electives while studying in Berlin or at another location approved by the concentration advisor.

6. Students who are unable to study in Germany will be required to demonstrate a reading knowledge of German.

Students should consult the concentration advisors for German Studies and Modern Culture and Media as early as possible to begin planning their course work sequences and their final project.

Modern Culture and Media – Italian Track
This track is offered jointly by the Department of Italian Studies and the Department of Modern Culture and Media.

The program includes 11 courses.

Requirements in addition to Senior Thesis:

1. Six courses are to be taken in Italian Studies: ITAL0950, ITAL1000, ITAL1030; and any three of the following: ITAL1340, ITAL1350, ITAL1390, ITAL1400.

2. Five courses are to be taken in Modern Culture & Media. Three of the following: MCM0100, MCM0150, MCM0230, MCM0240, MCM0250, MCM0260, MCM1110; and one course numbered MCM1200; and one course numbered MCM1500.

Students are encouraged to consider study at the University of Bologna through the
Brown Program in Bologna, though this is by no means a requirement for fulfillment of
the program. Courses taken at the University of Bologna may substitute for Italian Studies
and MCM courses (no more than 2 from either department) at the discretion of the
student’s advisors.

Honors: Honors will require a thesis and will normally be undertaken by signaling intent
during the junior year. No thesis will be required for completion of the program, though
students will be strongly advised to undertake some capstone project during their senior

Semiotics-French Track
This track is offered jointly by the Department of French Studies and the Department of Modern Culture and Media. It is intended for students who wish to receive special preparation in French language and literature, with emphasis on contemporary semiotic theory, and those students whose primary interest is in theory and who wish to strengthen their knowledge of French language, literature, and culture. In addition to a Senior Thesis, Students will take five courses in French and five in Modern Culture and Media. Students wishing to declare this concentration must select an advisor from each of the two sponsoring departments. Required courses: two courses in French language FREN 0500, 0520, 0600 or 1510; three upper level courses in French literature, language and civilization; one introductory course in Modern Culture and Media MCM 0150; two or three additional courses in semiotic theory, and one or two courses in semiotic production.

Honors: Students who qualify for Honors in the Independent Concentration, French Semiotics track are eligible to apply to do an Honors project or thesis. Applications will be screened by both MCM and French Studies. (Application forms should be submitted by prospective honors students in the beginning of the 7th semester. They are available in the MCM office.) If approved, a student must then register for MCM 1990 or FREN 1990, a one-credit thesis course in which they complete the Honors project.