Affiliated Faculty

Réda Bensmaïa (Department of French Studies) - university professor. doctorat de troisième cycle, ecole pratique des hautes etudes en sciences sociales, paris. 20th century literature and literary theory; francophone studies; literature and film. author of the barthes effect, 1987; alger ou la maladie de la mémoire, 1997; experimental nations: or the invention of the maghreb. rochambeau house 207; phone ext. 3-2741.

Timothy Bewes (Department of English) - research interests in contemporary British/American fiction, aesthetic theory, poststructuralist and Marxist literary theory, postmodernism and postcolonialism, and the politics and ethics of literary form.

Anthony Bogues (Department of Africana Studies) - Contemporary critical theory , cultural studies , African and Caribbean literature and cinema , intellectual history, post-colonial theory,  African and African Diasporic critical thinkers.  

James Der Derian (Watson Institute for International Studies) - research and teaching is in international security, information technology, international relations theory, and the media. His most recent book is 'Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network, and he has produced two documentaries, "VirtualY2K', 'After 9/11', and is at work on the third, 'The Culture of War'.

Jacques Khalip (Department of English) - writes on and teaches British romanticism, 19th- and 20th-century poetry, queer theory, and critical theory. His current research and teaching addresses two areas of thought: the anxious rhetoric and ethics of interiority in romantic literature and culture; and the relation of queer theory to aesthetic and ethical reflection.

Massimo Riva (Department of Italian Studies) - italian studies; italian cinema; digital culture; italian literature and culture; literary and cultural theory.

Rebecca Schneider (Theatre arts and performance studies) - performance studies, "liveness," queer theory, photography, theatre, poststructural theory, phenomenology, mimesis

Lingzhen Wang (East Asian Studies) - modern Chinese literature and culture, Gender Studies, Feminist Theory, and Chinese cinema. Her other research and writing projects include translations of Chinese women writers into English, a study of transnational feminism in the contemporary globalized world, and a critical re-examination of the socialist legacy on gender, politics, and identity formation.