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The Program in Medieval Studies offers two concentration tracks: (1) the concentration in Medieval Cultures and (2) the concentration in Late Antique Cultures.

The concentration in Medieval Cultures focuses on the sixth through the fifteenth centuries inclusive and combines interdisciplinary perspectives with depth of study in one or two disciplines. One traditional area of study is Western Europe, but students are encouraged to work in other cultural areas such as Byzantine, Islamic, Judaic or Slavic cultures. It is also recommended that concentrators take during their freshman or sophomore year the introductory course, Medieval Perspectives. Other courses that can be applied to the concentration in Medieval Cultures are listed below.

The concentration in Late Antique Cultures centers on the third through the ninth centuries inclusive and studies human activity in all its variety unrestricted by the conventional demarcations of “classical” and “medieval.” The concentration focuses on the changes in cultural practices, social patterns, political and economic forms, and artistic and literary traditions in the context of transition and change.


Director of the Program in Medieval Studies

Mercedes Vaquero
Professor of Hispanic Studies
Brown University
Box 1961
Providence, RI 02912