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Graduate Program

The Department of Music currently offers the Ph.D. in Music in two areas of study: Ethnomusicology and Computer Music and Multimedia. The long-standing doctoral program in Ethnomusicology, established in 1968, is one of the first in the country, while the program in Computer Music became a fully fledged Ph.D. in 2004. The small size of both allows for significant cross-talk between the students.

Such dialogues tend to reach beyond the department as well. Brown graduate students regularly explore offerings in many other disciplines as part of their courses of study. Students in ethnomusicology are to be found just as often in the music building as they are in anthropology, psychology, American Studies, Africana studies and Portuguese and Brazilian studies. In the same way, students in Computer Music and Multimedia make connections with faculty in Modern Culture and Media, Visual Art, Literary Arts and Engineering.

At Brown, your degree is what you make it: the more adventurous you are, the more exciting your program is likely to be.