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Visions of Liszt

Bicentennial Festival - 1811/2011
October 17 - November 6

Taylin Im, Evan Li, Jessie Ning, Anthony Bui, Ben Nacar, pianists. All-Liszt Recital (Grant Recital Hall).

James Baker, pianist. Music, Visuality, and Romanticism Symposium (Granoff Center).

Rudy Chen, Taylin Im, Kenneth Hamilton, Panpan Song, Peter Asimov, pianists. Liszt Master Class (Grant Recital Hall).

Kenneth Hamilton, pianist; Paul Phillips, conductor; Brown University Orchestra. Lisztomania Concert (Sayles Hall)

Mark Steinbach, university organist. Lisztomania Concert (Sayles Hall)

Brown University Chorus and Orchestra. Lisztomania Concert (Sayles Hall)

Andrew Garland, baritone. Lisztomania Concert (Sayles Hall)

Kenneth Hamilton, pianist. Liszt In Italy lecture-recital. (Grant Recital Hall)