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MEME (Multimedia & Electronic Music Experiments) is an interdisciplinary program within the Brown University Music Department that focuses on the creative use of emerging technology for real-time interactive performance and installation. meme@brown is known for art and research that traverse the boundaries between computer music, installation, video, theater and dance.

As part of the larger Brown and RISD digital media community, meme@brown provides expertise and promotes research in real-time electronic music, instrument design, interactive video, motion tracking and other hardware/software. meme@brown resources include its faculty and staff, undergraduate and graduate course offerings, and fully-equipped state-of-the-art studios, labs and performance venues. meme@brown promotes collaborative research and creative projects among composers, computer scientists, writers, visual artists, choreographers and others. Local, national and international artists are featured regularly at MEME concerts, symposia, and workshops.

Recent Projects

of the survival of images (2013) - Butch Rovan from Butch Rovan on Vimeo.

Dahinterstehend (2012) - Seth Thorn from MEME @ Brown on Vimeo.

BEVIN KELLEY / BLEVIN BLECTUM - Diamond Shaped Arms (2012) from MEME @ Brown on Vimeo.

Adventurometric Devices - Pixilerations October 12, 2012 from MEME @ Brown on Vimeo.

Todd Winkler - Things that Catch on Fire, performed by California E.A.R. Unit from MEME @ Brown on Vimeo.

More media on the Projects page.