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Concentration Program & Courses

The A.B. offered by the Music Department is a general degree, integrating theory, history, ethnomusicology, technology, composition and performance in a single, liberal concentration.

There are currently three tracks within the concentration: one that emphasizes theory, history, and composition; another that emphasizes ethnomusicology; and a third that focuses on computer music and multimedia.

MUSC 0550 and 0560 are required for all three tracks. These courses should be taken in the first year if possible; they must be completed by the end of the sophomore year. (N.B. The sequence starts in the fall.) The basic keyboard skills expected of concentrators are tested at the end of MUSC 0560.

The Department of Music does not award course credit for Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses. Students may receive placement credit for MUSC0550 and/or MUSC0560, however. Students interested in placing out of MUSC0550-0560 must take the theory placement test administered during the first class meeting of MUSC0550 at the beginning of the fall semester. Each student who passes the test will consult with the director of the course to work out individual arrangements for placement credit.

Participation in one or more of the departmentally sponsored performing organizations is highly recommended: Chorus, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Wind Symphony, Chamber Music Performance, Electroacoustic Ensemble, Sacred Harp/Shape-Note Singing, Old-time String Band, Javanese Gamelan, or Ghanaian Drumming.

All music courses - including performance courses - are open to all Brown students, provided that they have satisfied the prerequisites.

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The Music Department Undergraduate Group (DUG) is the voice of the undergraduate body in the Music Department. We do a number of things, ranging from expressing student sentiments to the Music Faculty to organizing events and supporting other music related undergraduate groups. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Julia Deng or the DUG itself at