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Brasil/Brazil Revista De Literatura Brasileira

Brasil/Brazil Revista de Literatura Brasileira/
A Journal of Brazilian Literature

Nelson H. Vieira, regina zilberman and fernanda verissimo, Editors

Luiz F. Valente and Maria G. Bordini, Associate Editors

Brasil/Brazil is a journal specializing in Brazilian literature, including comparative literature with a Brazilian focus. It publishes scholarly essays, original fiction and poetry by Brazilian authors, and translations of Brazilian works. Brasil/Brazil is jointly published by the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies at Brown University the Associação Cultural Acervo Literário de Erico Verissimo (ALEV) in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Manuscripts, written either in Portuguese or in English, not to exceed 30 double-spaced pages should be sent in duplicate to the appropriate editor in the United States or in Brazil. In addition please send via email ( or an eletronic copy to the respective editorial offices. Please consult the MLA style sheet. Books to be reviewed should be sent to the appropriate associate editor in the respective countries.

Brasil/Brazil is published every six months. Subscriptions are US $35.00 a year for individuals subscriptions. Individual (past) issues: US$15.00 each. Institutional membership is US $70.00 per year. For more information, please contact the editorial office at the following address:

United States

Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
Brown University
Box O
Providence, RI 02912
Tel. (401) 863-3042
Fax: (401) 863-7261


Maria da Glória Bordini
Rua Ten. Cel. Fabrício Pillar
Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil 90450-040



Editorial Board

Editors // Editores

Nelson H.Vieira (Brown University)
Regina Zilberman (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
Fernanda Verissimo (Associação Acervo Cultural de Erico Verissimo)

Associate Editors // Editores Associados

Luiz Fernando Valente (Brown University)
Maria da Glória Bordini (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)

Editorial Board // Conselho editorial

Paul Dixon (Purdue University)
Susan Canty Quinlan (University of Georgia)
Renata Wasserman (Wayne State University)
Earl Fitz (Vanderbilt University)
Nicolau Sevcenko (Harvard University)
Candace Slater (University of California at Berkeley)

Renato Cordeiro Gomes (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro)
José Luís Jobim (Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro)
Tânia Rösing (Universidade de Passo Fundo)
Zahidé Muzart (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
Wander Melo Miranda (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)

Assistant to the Editor
Lauren Papalia (Brown University)