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Study Abroad Program

All concentrators are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a Slavic country, either during the academic year or the summer. We urge you to consult your languages teachers and other department members for advice on choosing the program that is best for you. Brown has a semester program in the Czech Republic (Prague) and a summer program in the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg). Brown offers other pre-approved semester programs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk and Prague. Information about these programs is at the Office of International Programs.

Brown in Prague

Students live and study in the heart of the Old City, surrounded by some of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Central Europe. Courses are taught by top-notch scholars in film studies, comparative literature, economics and international relations.

Brown in St. Petersburg

As you explore this beautiful Russian city, you will study Russian history and culture with department faculty as well as the Russian language at a level appropriate to you.

There are numerous cultural field trips in and around St. Petersburg, lectures conducted in the Russian Museum, and an optional weekend in Moscow.

Meet other students from Brown and have a great time!