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Czech at Brown and Alumni with Czech

Czech language at Brown is well integrated into the Slavic Studies concentration. Three years of Czech fulfill the language requirement for Slavic Studies.

Here are some prominent Brown alumni who combined Czech with a wide range of academic interests:

Christopher Mun '08: Slavic Studies Concentrator. Chris combined his study of Russian with Czech. After spending a semester in Russia, he attended the Summer School of Slavonic Studies at Charles University. He is pursuing a master's degree in the School of Russian and East European Studies at Georgetown University.

Jeffrey Lugowe '07: Slavic Studies Concentrator. Jeff won a David Bowen scholarship from the National Security Education Program (NSEP) sponsored by the CIA and the State Department to study advanced-level Czech during the spring of 2007. After graduation he was a Fulbright scholar to study Slavic immigrant workers in Norway. He was Program and Teaching Assistant for two HECUA (Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs) courses: Scandinavian Urban Studies Term (Fall 2008) and Divided States of Europe (Spring 2009) at the University of Oslo. Currently, he is Program Director of the Scandinavian Urban Studies Term at the International Summer School, University of Oslo.


Elise Baran '07: Slavic Studies Concentrator. Elise studied Czech, Polish, Russian, and Old Church Slavonic. She wrote an honors thesis on Czech and Russian case system. She won a Fulbright ETA fellowship to teach English in Poland after graduation.

Sarah Ladd '06: Concentrator in Slavic Studies and Geology. Nemiah (Sarah) studied in the Czech Studies immersion program for one academic year in 2003-4 at Charles University. She also took a regular geology course for Czech students at Charles University (She passed the course while 50% of Czech students failed!). Nemiah also studied Ukrainian GISP during the spring of 2006. She will be a researcher in geochemistry and chemistry at the Biomedical Engineering Department at the CzechTechnical University in Prague in 2008-9.

William Louis '06: Slavic Studies and Economics concentrator. Bill studied in the Czech Studies immersion program at Charles University for one academic year in 2003-4. Bill also studied Ukrainian GISP during the spring of 2006 at Brown.

Brian Corcoran '06: Slavic Studies and History concentrator. Brian won Brown's Royce Fellowship to work on his honors thesis on the role of rock music in the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. He conducted extensive archival work and interviews in Canada, USA, and Prague. Brian became interested in human rights and decided to study law at Georgetown University.

Kate Newby '06: Political Science concentrator. Kate spent one semester in Prague on the Brown-in-Prague program. She worked as an intern at the US Embassy in Prague during one summer.

Margaret Dayton '05: Slavic Studies concentrator. Maggie spent one academic year in the Brown-in-Prague program. She won a scholarship from Masaryk University in Brno to study Czech and Czech culture after graduation.

Helen Luryi '05: Slavic Studies and International Relations concentrator. Helen spent one semester in the Brown-in-Prague program. After graduation she worked as a research assistant for the Watson Institute for International Relations at Brown.

Lynn Perry '05: International Relations concentrator and a RUE student with years of professional experience in an intensive care unit. Lynn spent two summers in Prague at the Summer School of Slavonic Studies after graduation. Currently teaching ESOL. She is part of the Brown Alumni Schools Committee, she is a contact alumna for students in the Czech Republic who have made application to Brown.

Peter Monego '04: International Relations concentrator. Internship in summer 2003 at the US Embassy in Prague. He completed his master's degree in public administration & public policy (U. Mass, Amherst). Works at the State Street Corporation in Boston, performing money laundering audits on our hedge fund clients. 

Andrew Malcovsky '04: Slavic Studies and Linguistics concentrator. In addition to Czech, Andrew studied Latin, Ancient Greek and Sanscrit. Andrew won a scholarship from Masaryk University in Brno for advanced study of Czech language and general linguistics for a year after graduation. He is starting his career as a professional translator of Czech literature.

Erica Kenney, '03: Education concentrator. The first undergraduate to study Czech from her freshman year to her senior year. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Czech for two years. She works for the Brown Education Alliance.

Paul Bercovitch, '02: Our first concentrator to graduate with three years of Czech. Paul produced a claymation film at the Film Academy in Prague.

Samuel Salganik, '02: Concentrator in Mathematics. Sam worked for a real estate company for 5+ years in Prague, using his fluent legal Czech. Now studies law at Columbia.


Stephanie Miller '01: As a concentrator in Russian Studies, Stephanie studied both Czech and Russian. Stephanie was an undergraduate teaching assistant in Czech. She worked for the an American-Israeli organization that helps Jewish communities throughout the former Soviet Union. She received a master's degree in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies at Harvard. Pursuiing a PhD in Slavic.

Alice Lovejoy '01: Independent concentration in film studies with emphasis on the Czech New Wave films. Reader of Czech poem for M. Allbright at the Commencement ceremony. Worked as a film journalist in New York. Curator of funds to bring Czech film director Karel Vacheck in 2002 to the US film presentation tour. Fulbright Fellow to conduct research in Prague. Now a PhD student in comparative literature at Yale University, writing her PhD dissertation on Czech documentary films.

Alenka Zeman, '00: Biology-Medicine concentrator. Alenka received the Brown's prestigious Arnold Fellowship to study healthcare in the Czech Republic where she worked at Motol Hospital in Prague. Alenka went to Stanford Medical School on Devlin Medical Scholarship

Gitana Chunyo, '00: Linguistics concentrator. Gitana was an an undergraduate teaching assistant in Czech. She was awarded a fellowship from Masaryk U. in Brno to study Czech and Czech culture for a semester. She worked at the cognitive sciences laboratory at Johns Hopkins U. Currently living in Prague.

Tomas Foral, '99: Concentrator in Art and Architecture. His honors thesis was on Baroque architecture in the Czech lands. Tomas was directly enrolled at Charles University in Prague for one semester. He was an undergraduate teaching assistant in Czech. Currently a medical doctor.

Holt Gollatz, '99: Russian Studies concentrator. Holt studied both Czech and Russian, and received a fellowship from Masaryk University in Brno to study Czech and Czech culture for a semester after graduation. Cultural consultant for US companies.

Matthew Winters, '99: Anthropological linguistics concentrator. Matthew received a Rotary Scholarship to study Czech in Prague for one year. Intern researcher in the politics of the former Yugoslavia in Washington DC.

Jenny Perlin, '92: Producer of a documentary film on the separation of Czech and Slovak states "New Borders." Work in Television Nova.

Current undergraduates abroad:

Many of our students get enrolled either in the Brown-in-Prague program, or in an immersion program in Prague or Brno where they are tested into higher-level Czech language courses.