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If you are interested in Russian culture, history, politics, literature or the arts, we strongly urge you to spend at least a summer in the Russian Federation. The good news: there are options for summer, semester and yearlong study, so whether you're a first-year planning ahead, or a junior who hasn't gotten around to study abroad yet, there is a program that will work for you.

SUMMER: Brown in Petersburg

Recommended for students at any level of language, especially those with no previous experience in Russia. Many attend the summer program after the equivalent of one year of Russian language; others begin language study in Russia or go after two years of Russian at Brown first. Students take two courses (1 credit each). One, in English, deals with the history and culture of St. Petersburg (RUSS 1060); the other is a Russian language course at the appropriate level. Those who attend the program after one year of Russian frequently advance an entire year (skipping RUSS 0300 and 0400). But any student successfully completing the language course in Russia will place out of at least one semester of language at Brown.


The choice of city and program depends on your interests, language level and previous course work on Russia. Before applying meet with Lynne deBenedette in Slavic Studies to discuss which program will best serve your needs. All programs are pre-approved by Brown's Office of International Programs.

Moscow: Middlebury College School in Russia

St. Petersburg: American Councils or CIEE

Irkutsk; Middlebury College School in Russia

Yaroslavl: Middlebury College School in Russia