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Course Catalog: CZCH, RUSS, & SLAV

Not all courses are offered all semesters. Please note that Slavic courses are offered under several rubrics: CZCH, RUSS, and SLAV, and often COLT, HIST, POLS, INTL and TAPS.

View the currently offered courses in the Course Announcement Bulletin or on Mocha.

Russian Language

RUSS 0100, 0200 Introductory Russian
RUSS 0110 Intensive Russian
RUSS 0300, 0400 Intermediate Russian
RUSS 0500, 0600 Advanced Russian
RUSS 1110 Special Topics in Russian Studies I: Advanced Reading and Conversation
RUSS 1120 Special Topics in Russian Studies II: Advanced Reading and Conversation
RUSS 1500 Approaches to Russian Literature

Russian Literature and Culture in Translation

FIRST YEAR SEMINARS (all numbered RUSS 0320)

RUSS 0320 Gogol: A Journey into the Fantastic
RUSS 0320 Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov: The Art of the Novel

RUSS 0320 Demons and Angels in Russian Literature

RUSS 0930 Cultures and Literatures of the Russian and Soviet Empires
RUSS 0990 The Black Experience in Russia and the Soviet Union
RUSS 1000 Russian Modernism and the Arts
RUSS 1020 Russia Rediscovered
RUSS 1050 Russian Culture: From Peter The Great to Putin
RUSS 1090 Esoteric Russia
RUSS 1200 Russian Fantasy and Science Fiction
RUSS 1250 Russian Cinema
RUSS 1290 Russian Literature in Translation I: Pushkin to Dostoevsky
RUSS 1300 Russian Literature in Translation II: Tolstoy to Solzhenitsyn
RUSS 1320 Soviet Literature from 1917 to 1953
RUSS 1330 Soviet and Post-Soviet Literature (1953 to Present)
RUSS 1340 The Russian Novel
RUSS 1430 (TSDA 1430) Russian Theater and Drama
RUSS 1450 Love, Adultery, and Sexuality
RUSS 1600 Literature and History: Russian Historical Imagination in the European Context
RUSS 1800 Pushkin
RUSS 1810 Tolstoy
RUSS 1820 Dostoevsky

RUSS 1840 Nabokov
RUSS 1860 Chekhov
RUSS 1960 Independent Study
RUSS 2010 Eighteenth-Century Literature
RUSS 2120 (TSDA 2120) Revolution as a Work of Art
RUSS 2320 Old Russian Literature
RUSS 2410 Movements and Genres in Russian Literary Culture
RUSS 2610, 2620 Seminars in Russian Literature:

  • Eugene Onegin
  • Russian Romanticism

RUSS 2710, 2720 Seminars in Russian Literature

  • Derzhavin and His Epoch
  • Pasternak
  • Russian Decadence and Symbolism
  • Poetic Structure

RUSS 2910 Eighteenth-Century Literature

Czech Language AND CULTURE

CZCH 0100, 0200 Introductory Czech

CZCH0410A Boys and Girls: Relationships in Socialist Bohemia

CZCH 0410B Coming of Age in Postwar Czechoslovakia

CZCH0410C Czech View of Self and Others

CZCH 0410D Czechs and the Big Brother: Czech Lands in the 1980s

CZCH 0610A Czech Lands under Occupation and Terror

CZCH0610B Psychosis of Occupation in the Czech Lands
CZCH 0610C Czech Cultural Icons, Emblems, and National Identity

Note: CZCH 0410X and CZCH 0610X are topic courses which may be repeated for both intermediate and advanced credit.

Czech Literature and Culture in Translation

CZCH 0100 Dimensions of Czech Animation: Contexts, Interpretations, and Dialogs with the East
CZCH 1050 Contemporary Czech Society and Literature in Translation

Slavic Cultures & LINGUISTICS

Courses in this area study culture and literature from several countries, including Russia, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

SLAV 1200 Slavic Fantasy and Science Fiction
SLAV 1300 Sociolinguistics: Former USSR / Eastern Europe

SLAV 1310 Discourse Analysis

SLAV 1770 Prague and St. Petersburg: A Tale of Two Cities

SLAV 1790 Central European Literature
SLAV 1890 Slavic Contributions to Literary Theory
SLAV 1950 Independent Study
SLAV 1970 topics rubric offering different courses, for ex:

  • Václav Havel: Playwright, Philosopher and Politician
  • Spirituality in Russian Literature

SLAV 1981 Independent Research in the Slavic Language(s) (consult language coordinators for prerequisites)
SLAV 1990 Senior Thesis
SLAV 2210 Old Church Slavonic
SLAV 2610, 2620 Topics in Comparative Slavic Linguistics