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Undergraduate Program in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

We concentrate on helping students view Slavic cultures from within: coming to terms with the diversity of perspectives and attitudes, and examining how these differ from students' own. Our approach is complemented by courses in other units that examine some aspects of Eastern Europe viewed from without: in the context of western scholarly tradition and media.

Concentration in Slavic Studies

The Department of Slavic Languages offers standard and Honors programs in Slavic Studies. This concentration integrates study of the languages, literatures, and civilizations of the Slavic world. Built on sound knowledge of one or two Slavic languages, the program allows students to develop an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the East European cultures and civilizations on which they are primarily focused through a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary fields at Brown. All concentrators are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a Slavic country, either during the academic year or the summer. Brown has approved programs in Moscow, Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Voronezh, and Prague, and an exchange program in Krakow. Brown runs a semester program in the Czech Republic (Prague) and a summer program in the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg). Five to 13 seniors graduate from the concentration each year. This guarantees close collaboration with faculty, and attention to individual students' academic interests.


  1. 6 semesters of one Slavic language or the equivalent (normally Czech or Russian); or a combined total of eight semesters of two Slavic languages or the equivalent.
  2. 7 courses on the 1000-level dealing with the Slavic civilizations on which the student is primarily focused (literature, history, culture, theater, political science, economics, international relations.)

Students' choice of courses is subject to the approval of the concentration advisor.

Students are encouraged to choose their courses under many prefixes, including: CZCH, RUSS, SLAV, COLT, HIST, POLS, INTL, and TAPS.


View the list of courses normally taken in Slavic Studies. For the most current course listings, refer to MOCHA.

Concentrators in Slavic Studies are urged to crown their senior year with a Capstone Experience.

Honors in Slavic Studies: Honors candidacy in Slavic Studies assumes an excellent academic record, particularly in the concentration. Additional requirements are the same as those for a standard concentration, plus the writing of a senior thesis (RU, SL, or CZ198).

Combined Program Leading to a BA and MA Degrees

Exceptionally capable students may be permitted in their junior year to enter a graduate program of study leading to the earning of both a baccalaureate and master's degree at the end of eight or nine semesters. For details, see under "Combined and Integrated Degree Programs."