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Strategic Planning

Strategic Energy and Environmental Plan:

Facilities’ Energy and Environment team is in the process of developing a long term Energy and Environmental Plan for the University to conserve energy, lower Greenhouse Gas emissions and better control energy costs. The following areas were extensively evaluated in 2006 and will be utilized in developing this long term plan;

  1. Energy and environmental metrics, benchmarking and targets
  2. Energy use efficiency improvements opportunities
  3. Energy conversion efficiency improvements
  4. Renewable energy options
  5. Procurement strategies

Energy and Environmental Advisory Committee:

Facilities’ Energy and Environment team formed the Energy and Environmental Advisory Committee during the fall of 2006 whose purpose is to enable a forum for representatives of the student body, faculty and staff to provide guidance and input to the Facilities Management department’s development of a Strategic Energy and Environmental Plan. The plan will provide recommendations for annual energy conservation, cost control and greenhouse gas reduction targets and actions.

Committee Members: