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Gretchen Gerlach

EcoReps Coordinator

Gretchen Gerlach is a Senior, Environmental Studies concentrator. She has been involved with EcoReps since her freshman year; first as a volunteer then intern and now coordinator! For Gretchen, choosing a favorite part of EcoReps is nearly impossible, but as any Rep would agree, watching students, staff, and residents change their daily habits because of the work that EcoReps do has been the most rewarding. EcoReps have no shortage of fun; Game Day Recycling, Do It In The Dark, The Green Party, Earth Day, The Carbon Cube..... each year the list gets longer. This year Gretchen is particularly interested in drawing connections between EcoReps events and initiates. For example, showing people how recycling, water and energy conservation, and resource management are all interconnected and together can improve the entire campus, not just out green footprint! In addition to EcoReps, Gretchen loves local food, Brown Women's Rugby, and "outdoorsing". Being from Montana, she is spoiled with endless wilderness, and she is always looking for surprising and hidden nature around Rhode Island! Fun fact; her current project; teach herself how to Splunk!"