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Jeff Baum

Sustainability Analyst

Jeff Baum is in his second year as the the E&E Sustainability Analyst! The major component of his job is running the Brown Climate Action Forum (BCAF) - a group of Brown students dedicated to greening Brown though sustainable infrastructure projects. Past projects have included retrofits to low-flow sink faucets, installing idling technologies to vending machines that were previously left on for 24 hours, installing hand dryers in high-traffic bathrooms to reduce paper towel usage, and - most recently - getting recycling on Thayer Street! At this point, the two main items on the agenda for this year will be bringing an effective bike share program to campus and creating an efficient data management system for the purchasing department to deal with surplus office furniture and supplies. Jeff is a junior concentrating in Geology-Biology, and in addition to working for Facilities, sings a cappella and tries his hand at stand-up comedy every once in awhile (if you want to hear one of his legendary jokes, then come to a Sunday night BCAF Meeting!)