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Active Project List

Updated September 2014


Facility Name Portfolio Project Title Current Phase Occupancy
Arnold Lab BioMed ACM remediation Construction 2/1/2015 Steven Phillips Peter Holden
Nancy Carroll
Benevolent Street 088 Student Life WBRU -
Fire Life Safety and HVAC Scope
Construction 1/15/2015 Thomas Cousineau John Luipold
Bio-Medical Center BioMed Room 126 Expansion Lab Fit-out (Bath) Design 12/23/2014 Thomas Cousineau William Heindel
Peter Holden
Bio-Medical Center BioMed Acoustical Review Design 12/31/2014 David LaPlante Peter Holden
Bio-Medical Center BioMed Retro-commissioning at BioMed Center Construction 12/30/2014 David Larson Peter Holden
Larry Hicks
BioMed Cage Washer Renovations Construction 3/27/2015 William Gaudet Peter Holden
BioMed Germ Free Facility (Vaishnava/Core) Design 2/2/2015 Michael Kenney Peter Holden
BioMed Fume hood repairs Construction 12/28/2014 Courtney McCracken Peter Holden
Campus Minor Masonry Repairs Allowance FY15 Construction 6/30/2015 Gary Martins Wes Warren
Campus ADA Allowance FY15 Construction 6/30/2015 Gary Martins Cathy Axe
Campus Bike Rack Installation FY14 Construction 10/1/2014 Gary Martins Mike McCormick
Campus Minor Parking Lot Repairs Allowance FY14 &15 Initiation 6/30/2015 Gary Martins Anthony Casello
Campus Environmental Health & Safety / Facilities Management Initiatives Planning 12/31/2014 Ginelle Lang S. Morin
Campus Signage allowance FY14 Construction 12/31/2014 PM Unassigned
Campus Applied Math & Engineering Enabling
Design 2/29/2015 David LaPlante Bjorn Sandstede
Hilary Silver
Campus 250th Anniversary Banners and other Anniversary installations/events Construction 2/27/2015 Joanna Saltonstall Eve Ornstedt
Marisa Quinn
Campus School of Engineering Planning 3/31/2017 John Cooke Larry Larson
David Paine
Campus Workplace Strategies Study (Programming only) Planning 10/10/2014 Steven Phillips Steven Maiorisi
Campus -
Thayer Street Improvements Construction 9/30/2014 Joanna Saltonstall
Central Heat Plant Admin/ Support ECI - Boiler 1 Economizer / VFDs on FGR-FD Fans Design 11/30/2015 David Larson Thomas Demanche
Cooke Street 037 Admin/ Support Plumbing Riser Remediation and Cosmetic Upgrades Construction 11/3/2014 David LaPlante Anthony Casello
Paul Armas
Dormitories Dormitory Dormitory Energy Efficiency Improvements - Wriston and Keeney Construction 12/31/2014 David Larson Tom Forsberg
Larry Hicks
Energy Conservation Retro-Commissioning Phase 3 Construction 12/31/2015 David Larson Barbara Schulz
Energy Conservation Retro-Commissioning Main Campus Dormitories Construction 1/15/2015 David Larson Tom Forsberg
Richard Bova
Energy Conservation Energy Subsidiary - Fuel Switching
Ph 2 Small Buildings
Construction 1/30/2015 David Larson Michelle Carreiro
Katherine Grimaldi
Energy Conservation Retro-Commissioning Phase 4 Construction 12/31/2014 David Larson Larry Hicks
Chris Powell
Energy Conservation Retro Commissioning Phase 1 Construction 6/1/2016 David Larson Christopher Powell
Energy Conservation Campus Wide Energy Conservation Upgrades (SE) Construction 6/1/2016 David Larson Christopher Powell
Energy Conservation Retro-Commissioning Phase 5 Design 6/30/2015 David Larson Chris Powell
Larry Hicks
Energy Conservation Energy Subsidiary - Fume Hood Upgrades
Planning 6/1/2016 David Larson Dan Sarachick
Chris Powell
Hegeman Hall Dormitory Skylight Replacement Construction 9/30/2014 Gary Martins Tom Forsberg
J. Walter Wilson Admin/ Support DDC Controls Retro-commissioning Construction 12/31/2014 David Larson Various
J. Walter Wilson Admin/ Support Counseling & Psych Services Expansion Construction 10/31/2014 Gary Martins Sharah Hemond
Sherri Nelson
John Carter Brown Library Academic (Non-Research) Renewal and Security Upgrades, Phase I Planning 11/15/2014 Thomas Cousineau Neil Safier
Maureen O'Donnell
John Hay Library Academic (Non-Research) FY15 Boiler Replacement Allowance Design 3/31/2015 David Larson Barbara Schulz
Machado House Garage Repairs Planning 10/31/2014 Jeffrey Parker
MacMillan Hall Academic (Research) Heat Recovery Chiller Installation Design 2/27/2015 David Larson John Geleney
David Murray
Maddock Alumni Center Admin/ Support Vestibule Upgrade Planning 10/15/2015 Joanna Saltonstall Jill Rossi
Todd Andrews
Meehan Auditorium Athletic Fire Alarm Panel Upgrade Construction 9/30/2014 David Larson Wes Warren
Paul Amadio
Orwig Music Hall Academic (Non-Research) STUDY - Humidity Investigations Design 6/30/2015 David Larson Barbara Schulz
Heather Johnson
Park Lane 010 Admin/ Support Library Collections Annex Addition Construction 1/22/2015 Thomas Cousineau Harriette Hemmasi
Barbara Schulz
Rentals Auxiliary Housing Rental Facilities Allowance FY15 Construction 6/30/2015 Gary Martins Gail Medbury
Rockefeller Library Academic (Non-Research) First Floor Central Reading Room Construction 10/9/2014 Joanna Saltonstall Harriette Hemmasi
Barbara Schulz
Sciences Library Academic (Non-Research) DDC Controls Retro-commissioning Construction 12/31/2014 David Larson Barbara Schulz
Steven Lavallee
Ship Street 070 BioMed Energy Conservation Measures 2014 Construction 7/1/2015 David Larson Peter Holden
Adam McGovern
Ship Street 070 BioMed Domestic Hot Water Tanks and Reheat Boiler Replacement
Design 11/1/2014 Michael Kenney Peter Holden
Sidney E. Frank Hall for Life Sciences BioMed Gas Line Modifications Construction 12/31/2014 Courtney McCracken Paul Armas
Sidney E. Frank Hall for Life Sciences BioMed Replace Electric Manhole 1242 -
High Voltage Switch
Design 2/27/2015 Courtney McCracken Chris Cherau
Sidney E. Frank Hall for Life Sciences BioMed Retro-commissioning Construction 12/31/2015 David Larson Larry Hicks
Peter Holden
Site and Landscaping Grounds & Infrastructure Sidewalk Allowance FY15 Construction 10/31/2014 Gary Martins Gary Martins
Utilities/Infrastructure Grounds & Infrastructure Wireless Fire Alarm Loop Design 10/20/2015 Courtney McCracken Steve Morin
Vartan Gregorian Quad All Dormitory Energy Subsidiary - VGQ Retro Commissioning Implementation
Construction 1/15/2015 David Larson Richard Bova
Tom Forsberg
Watson Center for Information Technology Academic (Non-Research) Classroom 368 Modifications Construction 9/4/2014 William Gaudet Tom Doeppner
Watson Center for Information Technology Academic (Non-Research) Data Center Improvements, Phase 2 Design 6/30/2015 Courtney McCracken Linnea Wolfe