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Facilities Management
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The office of Planning Design and Construction provides oversight for the development and implementation of all construction projects including the renewal, modernization and maintenance of existing facilities, energy and infrastructure upgrades, and construction of new facilities.

An average of 130 projects of all types and sizes are planned and constructed annually. Approximately 10 million dollars are spent each year in the renewal and renovation of existing facilities with roughly 1/2 of a billion dollars being projected in major capital projects through 2010.

The PD&C staff coordinates communication with the University's senior administration and end-users as well as external consultants and contractors to ensure that projects are aligned with the University's academic mission and stay on track with approved goals, budgets, and schedules. Projects are designed and constructed using a prescribed set of standards that can be referenced at Design & Construction Standards.

Brown University's Project Delivery Process Guidelines have been developed to facilitate an understanding of Brown's project process for both internal and external stakeholders. Members of the University community, consultants and contractors are encouraged to review the Project Delivery Process (PDP).