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Facilities Management FAMIS Re-implementation

Facilities Management (FM) is pleased to announce the re-implementation of our work order management system, FAMIS. Beginning January 11, 2010, all new service requests submitted will be assigned a priority code and a due date. In addition, the distribution of paper invoices will be eliminated and replaced with a web-based system allowing login access to review account statements. See the extended text for more information.

Service Requests, submitted to Facilities Management, will be evaluated by our Service Response Center and assigned a priority code and due date. Requestors will be notified of the priority code assigned and the expected due date for the completion of their requests. See the FM web site for definitions and priority code listings.

The FAMIS re-implementation project will replace our existing sold services paper-based billing system with a web-based system allowing login access to review account statements. We will transition to the web-based system by the end of February. The last distribution of paper-based invoices will occur at the end of January for charges incurred through January 2, 2010. Access to web-based statements will be available by the end of February for charges incurred starting January 3, 2010. Monthly email notifications will be sent to account owners for accounts with any activity for the monthly billing period.