Department of
Facilities Management
Brown University
Box 1941
295 Lloyd Ave.
Providence, RI 02912

Facility Emergency:
Tel: (401) 863-7800

Service Request:
Tel: (401) 863-7800

Main Office:
Tel: (401) 863-7850
Fax: (401) 863-7885

Maintenance & Operations

The Maintenance & Operations Office provides custodial, maintenance, building environment control and grounds and athletic field services in addition to responding to University maintenance emergencies in conjunction with the Facilities Management Service Response Center.

The magnitude of maintaining the University is often stated in terms of the over 230 buildings and 146 acres in the inventory, however, the number of components and systems needed to operate this number of buildings extends into the thousands which are addressed and maintained through the Facilities Management Preventive Maintenance program.

Maintenance & Operations Trades Divisions undertake projects that are designed to streamline maintenance functions and to add new functionality to building systems as well as address safety issues. The majority of these self-generated projects are undertaken during the summer months. Customer generated projects are scheduled with the requesting Department to limit the impact to their operation.

Brown University has long been aware of the financial and environmental benefits of using energy wisely while maintaining an exceptional environment for learning and research. Maintenance & Operations Trades Divisions continuously look for and implement conservation measures when retrofitting components within buildings to save energy and to comply with all current environmental regulations.